Sunday, October 25, 2009

Artist Statement

My artwork is about the transformation of material and space. I find myself again and again creating relatively minimalistic artwork. When I set out to challenge myself artistically, I find that I am drawn to making work that focuses on a few basic elements: line, shadow, shape, and texture. I feel that the interaction of these parts is what makes the work strong. The way the light falls on the art and creates movement, shadow and, in a surprising way, enhances the beauty of something so seemingly simple as paper or wood.
A lot of my interest in the work lies in the process. I have found that I love repetitive movement and shape, so I tend to incorporate those into every piece that I make. I find that using repetition in my work allows the most intricate details to be seen in the piece. It transforms the material in a way that the viewer may have never seen before and finding emotion and beauty in simplicity becomes very enlightening for both the viewer and myself.

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